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Thrive Pinot Grigio

Thrive is a collection of premium-quality, bright and lively wines crafted to fit into the active, fulfilling lives we strive to lead. Thrive’s wine-making philosophy and packaging were inspired by the simple and natural beauty of a place they call home-California. Their winemaker lets the true crispness of intensity of the fruit shine through in every glass, showcasing California’s ability to produce amazing wines that are as crisp and rejuvenating inside as the are outside.


WINE NOTES: The 2018 vintage of Thrive Pinot Grigio is a lively white wine with notes of melon, crisp green apple and a hint of honey. This vibrant, bright wine is perfect for picnics, lightly grilled food or sipping while feeling the breeze.

  • Varietal Content: Pinot Grigio
  • Appellation: California
  • Alcohol Level: 12.6%