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Prophecy Rose

Beautiful inside and out, Prophecy Wines captivate the senses. On first glance, the one-of-a-kind artwork on the label beckons a closer look. Layer after intricate layer reveals hidden meanings and depth of truth. Like beauty, meaning is in the eye of the beholder. Each richly illustrated detail just begins to reflect the exquisite taste, character and complexity of the wines inside. Prophecy delivers some of the most intriguing wine styles in the world, sparking curiosity to look deeper and Discover Your Prophecy.


WINE NOTES: About Prophecy Rosé Vin de France: Prophecy Rosé showcases the best of the South of France, where Rosé wines have flourished for thousands of years. This wine offers classic French Rosé style, from its brilliant pale salmon color to the aromas of fresh-picked cherry and hints of florals. The soft, delicately textured palate features layers of ripe strawberry, raspberry, white peach and citrus and finishes with crisp, refreshing acidity

Varietal Content: 43% Cinsault, 36% Grenache and 21% Syrah

Appellation: South of France

Alcohol Level:12%