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Storypoint Pinot Noir

Every vineyard finds its own “Storypoint” – a block craved and revered by winemakers for producing
distinctive vintages. Saman Parsa, winemaker at Storypoint Wines, draws inspiration from these prized
blocks and celebrates their uniqueness in the wines she creates. For Storypoint, Saman sources grapes
from esteemed Northern California vineyards — some are already storied; others have yet to be
discovered. Each vintage offers a blend of grapes from vineyards whose Storypoints are extraordinary
enough to become our own.


Characterized by a deep dark plum color, Storypoint Pinot Noir captures the elegant, silky, fruit-driven
blend from renowned California wine regions. Our stylish Pinot Noir reveals
concentrated notes of blackberry jam, dark chocolate covered cherries, and
baking spice. On the finish, our Pinot Noir offers oak-driven layers of toffee and

  • Varietal Content: 94% Pinot Noir and 6% Other Select Varieties
  • Appellation: California
  • Alcohol Level: 14.3%