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Mount Peak Sentinel Cabernet

Mount Peak Sentinel Cabernet

The Mount Peak story begins more than a century ago at the celebrated Monte Rosso Vineyard and culminates with the revival of Mount Peak Winery, a vestige of one of California’s ghost wineries. Our wines are inspired by this great place, and we pay tribute to the extraordinary winery that once stood there by capturing its enduring spirit in our wine.


WINE NOTES: The 2015 Mount Peak Sentinel Cabernet Sauvignon is named for the shield-shaped block that casts a watchful eye on the entrance to Monte Rosso Vineyard. It’s a beautiful deep crimson color and a muscular, mouth-filling wine with full tannins and intense, concentrated fruit. Savory aromas mix with lavender and dark fruit, leading to a rich mouthfeel with waves of dark cherry, blackberry and a touch of spice. The extend finish melds the fruit together with hints of nutty toasted oak, pecan praline and caramel. The full, balanced structure gives this Cabernet tremendous aging potential.

  • VARIETAL CONTENT: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon
  • APPELLATION: 51% Napa County, 49% Sonoma County