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Mirassou Moscato

Balancing intense fruit flavors with delicate aromas, Mirassou creates wines perfect for sharing with friends and family. By selecting high quality grapes from some of California’s most acclaimed wine regions, Mirassou makes a versatile collection of whites and reds that are a perfect complement to life’s bright moments—big and small. These approachable wines honor over 160 years of Mirassou winemaking history while appealing to a new generation of wine enthusiasts.


About the Wine: Mirassou Moscato is a refreshing, easy to enjoy wine. On the nose, light floral and fresh fruit aromas lead to a lively palate of juicy peach, ripe pineapple, lychees and bright citrus accentuated by notes of honey and mandarin oranges. These luscious flavors culminate in a crisp, bright finish.

Varietal Content: Moscato
Varietal Origin: California
Alcohol Content: 7.5%