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Maison No. 9 Rose

Austin Richard Post, known professionally as Post Malone, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer and actor who has sold over 65 million records in the US. Most recently, Posts’ long-standing appreciation for the finer things in life has transcended into the wine space with the creation of Maison No. 9
Post, along with co-founders Dre London & James Morrissey found themselves and their friends drinking more Rosé in recent years but hadn’t found a blend or brand that stood out as their favorite.
They wanted to create a brand that spoke to everyone in a meaningful way – a brand and liquid that their peers identified with. So they set out to create a high-quality Rosé from Provence that everyone will enjoy.


WINE NOTES: Crispy, refreshing, and smooth. This dry, classic Rosé is wonderfully balanced and round with a texture that is mouthwatering and savory.

  • Varietal Content: Grenache 45%, Cinsault 25%, Syrah 15%, Merlot 15%
  • Appellation: Méditerranée IGP​, Region Provance France
  • Alcohol Level: 12.5%